Single stage, end suction horizontal centrifugal pump, OH1 series
Here is the OH1 pump specification in depth details.
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General description
Single stage, end suction horizontal centrifugal pump, OH1 series
Construction End Suction Horizontal Centrifugal Pump, Back pull-out Design
Design Methodology Advanced computer techniques including 3D modeling, FEA & CFD
Design Standards EN 22 858/ISO 2858/ ISO 5199
Design Pressure Rating 20 bar g @ 20°C
Suction Pressure Rating 10 bar g (standard construction)
Temperature Rating -40 to 120 °C
Capacities Up to 1100 m3/hr
Diff. Heads Up to 100 m
Speeds Up to 3000 rpm
Shaft Sealing System Soft packed, Single mechanical seal
Application Handling aggressive, organic and inorganic fluids in chemical and petrochemical processes, in refinery off-sites, in the paper and cellulose industries, food and luxury foods industries, sugar industry, in seawater desalination plants, absorption equipment in environmental engineering systems, power stations. They are also used in: water supply, irrigation and spray irrigation, drainage, fire fighting, heating and air-conditioning systems, drinking water, service water and hot water systems, pumping cooling water, swimming pool water, seawater, fire fighting water, brackish water, condensate, brine, oil and cleansing agents.

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