Honest Partnership

BEKAPUMP GMBH is a manufacturer of much kind of centrifugal pumps and control systems needed by petroleum and petrochemical industries, water & sewage and mining sectors.
Major objects of operation of the company are:

1- Manufacturing & supplying of high quality products and provision of proper supporting services with the purpose of
    realization of satisfaction of clients.

2- Acquisition of financial growth and potential with the purpose of:
      A- Improvement of welfare conditions and life standards of the staff.
      B- Effecting a continuous improvement in the quality of products
      C- Innovation and provision of novel products according to the needs of clients.
      D- Development of research activities and improvement of specialty knowledge of the staff with the purpose
          of bringing a development to productive and economic activities of the company.

3- Adoption of an executive policy for:
      A- Protection of environment
      B- Optimization of energy consumption
      C- Having a positive role in the local economic turnover.

    To this effect, company takes use of all its potentials maintain the rights of clients under national and international
     laws. It respects internal values adopted in the organization focusing on the conformity of benefits of clients
    (employers) those of the organization. It takes the following initiatives to realize the aforestated objective:
         1- Propagation of a customer based culture with the purpose of maintenance of needs of clients.
         2- Continuous improvement of qualitative efficiency and effectiveness in line with improvement of performance
             of the organization.
         3- Timely planning and implementation of production orders for realization of timely delivery.

4- Concentration a selection of meritorious persons and effecting a principle of meritocracy and making effort for
    improvement of knowledge of the staff as the most valuable asset and most effective element of product quality

5- Providing a proper work sphere with propagation of the principle of participation and collaborative effort in respect of
    quality, management and in creation of sufficient and intra- organizational relations.

6- Commitment to the implementation of standard legal, contractual and international requirements the senior
    management of the company encourages the staff members to making a considerable effort for the maintenance of
    the aforesaid objectives being itself strictly committed to protect the realization of the points stated herein. It expects
    all the staff members and officers to have a respect for the aforesaid principles taking use of such ideas as
    consultation and collaboration for the continuous improvement of effectiveness, of these systems (ISO 9001: 2008,
    HSE-MS) as a platform from which they may begin a movement toward excellence and superiority.

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