Environment and society

In Bekapump we are involved in a market which is growing rapidly. This

market is heavily based on mega projects, normally affecting the society in a number of different ways. Bekapump aims to meet its corporate mission along with respect for social and environmental issues.

Hence we emphasize an everlasting commitment to preserving Health, Safety, Environment and Quality in our objectives in all activities and areas of work. Bekapump aims to achieving sustainable development. The company respects employee’s rights, environmental protection, community involvement, supplier / contractor relations and stakeholder interests. At the corporate level an HSEQ department is established to coordinate these important requirements and to improve the overall performance.

Bekapump is committed to preserving the sustainability of the environment and seeks to maintain clean land for generations to come.

It follows any necessary based on related national and international laws, rules, and regulations.

Within this context, the company accentuated the ensuring cases in order to ensure a sustainable environment throughout its project sites.
  • Developing an environment friendly culture throughout the course of execution of projects.
  • Preventing and limiting the release of poisonous gases.
  • Avoiding any type of water and air pollution.
  • Periodic assessment of environmental actions.

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